Bespoke glass partitions for Canary Wharf, London headquarters

These stunning bespoke glass partitions were installed by Emerald Interiors for our client in Canary Wharf, London’s premier business and financial centre.

Canary Wharf, London – Glass Partitions

We were hired by our client to replace the old partitions in their corporate building. The high-end offices were being refurbished and reconfigured; and new, safe, effective and more up to date glass partitions were required in more than ten of their workspaces and conference rooms.

Clearly better protective barriers

Glass partitions were chosen by client as it’s a sustainable material which provides a protective barrier while also promoting transparency and collaboration. Glass is also very easy to clean and naturally hygienic which is increasingly important in today’s work settings.

Glass solutions from concept to aftercare

We used our expertise in design, space planning and installation to ensure the project was completed to the highest possible standard on time and on budget. Our skilled team removed the old partitions and fitted the new glass panels and doors in just five days. After completing the installation, we also provided our client with an aftercare package to ensure everything operated smoothly and to the highest standard.

Contemporary customised design and build

These glass partitions, featuring a mix of single and double glazing, were custom made to meet our customer’s exact requirements with bespoke handles and a premium look.

The glass office partitioning walls give different teams their own working space with increased privacy without compromising on the level of light within the building.


The glass walls also minimise noise and distractions and create a quieter working environment, while also maintaining the inclusiveness of an open plan space.

Single glazed partitions are a modern, stylish alternative to drywalls in a space. Here, our single glazed office partitions have transformed the space and created a more inspiring working environment. When confidentiality and concentration are of utmost importance in an office or meeting room, double-glazed partitions are the optimum solution creating private rooms without compromising on space and affecting the open-plan feel of an office.

Safe and stylish glass manifestations

Glass partitions have to be made obvious with the application of a vinyl pattern, also known as glass manifestations. These are a safety requirement to prevent injuries from people walking into the glass. Manifestations can also provide extra privacy and be a smart decorative feature. Here the manifestations we applied to the glass doors, partitions and screens are rows of attractive frosted squares. Corporate branding such as a logo can also be incorporated with bespoke filming to create a more personalised image when required.

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