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Alis Pod for Architect offices in Islington, London

We are pleased to share our recently completed project working with Zaha Hadid Architects & Tecno Spa on the installation of the stunning Alis Pod for their offices in Islington, London.

The Emerald Interiors team completed this project in just one week and loved working with such innovative clients.

The Alis Pod is both visually stunning and perfect for a range of spaces – it can be installed both indoors and outside and has been designed to enhance collaboration whilst transforming your workspace.

If you are interested or would like any more information you can contact us at

Emerald Interiors and Luconi make a brilliant fit

Luconi glass partitions

We are proud to announce that Emerald Interiors has become the official appointed glass partition installer in the UK for Luconi. As partners, we support the Luconi philosophy that a collaborative design and build leads to exceptional results.

Luconi is the leading Italian manufacturer of glazed partition systems. The company specialises in producing interior glass solutions for high end commercial, residential, and corporate office buildings.

They are experts in the manufacture of glass and are constantly innovating and their capabilities and technical qualities are increasingly sought after by architects and designers.

Luxury workspace with stylish glass partitions

Take a look at this example of an exciting project we undertook recently in collaboration with Luconi.

We installed the stunning Luconi glazed partitions and double-glazed partition doors. The clever use of full-height glass partitions with glass doors achieves the perfect balance of openness and privacy, enhancing the space’s aesthetics and functionality.

This project had many challenges, including a range of site complexities and logistical constraints which come from refurbishing the fifth floor of a period building in a busy and prestigious conservation area. However, with careful management and planning and communication, we completed the works on time and to the highest possible specification.

Elegant glass partition designs for modern interiors

Low-profile frames and minimal glass-to-glass joinery are the hallmarks of Luconi design. The company offers a wide variety of powder-coated aluminium frames, which can be customised for any interior design project. Emerald Interiors is impressed by the dry-glazed assemblies and components such as adjustable levellers that compensate for imperfections in building conditions.

Innovation and sustainability built in

Luconi’s glass wall products also focus on durability and flexibility. The partitions are designed to be simple to adapt and reconfigure over time, which makes them ideal for long-lasting spaces. The glass partition systems are highly versatile and offer a wide range of different products and accessories such as hinged, pivot, pocket and sliding doors, shelves, boxes and lighting.

For more information about how we can transform your office or retail space in London, Essex or Hertfordshire please call us now on 01277 560440 or email for your free consultation.

How to choose the right partitioning for your office


Partitions are an ideal way of adding division and separation in the office into designated workspaces. Partitions, whether temporary or permanent, can help create areas in the office which are conducive to better productivity. Partition walls help to reduce external noise, providing spaces that are suitable for meetings, quiet work areas, or just where employees can have some quiet downtime.

Partitioning for your office

Here is an overview of the different styles of partitions available to help you decide on the right ones for your office space.

  1. Wood office partitions

Wood partitioning is a good option if you require complete privacy, as the partitions can conceal the contents of each room entirely.

Wood or plywood partitions are aesthetically appealing as they provide a more conservative appearance to an office space. Some companies use plywood partitions to build their boardrooms and other areas that require minimal noise and privacy.

Plywood offers great versatility. As well as natural wood finishes you can choose from a wide range of finishes in Formica, laminate, paint and fabric, guaranteeing that you can get the look that you are after.

However, although wood is aesthetically pleasing, an issue can be that it is not as fire-retardant as other types of office partitioning. So wooden office partitions are often combined with other elements to improve its response to fire.

  1. Aluminium office partitions

Aluminium partitions or aluminium frames are a popular choice for office partitions. These dividers, which are often combined with glass, provide an excellent alternative to wood partitions. They are available as a solid structure, foldable, or modular partitions that are adaptable to any office environment.

Much like the wooden partition walls, aluminium partitions are also an effective sound barrier providing privacy and quiet when required. Many companies choose aluminium partitions because of the professional finish and variation in styles and designs.

  1. Glass office partitions

Glass partition walls are another alternative for office partitioning. Similar to aluminium frames, they are flexible and easy to customise. Frosted glass, prints, and even special paint can be used to modify the partitions’ appearance to match any company branding.

Glass partitions create a sleek, transparent and up-to-date look in offices which lasts the test of time. The glass creates an airy feel and so is perfect in an open plan space providing a natural flow of light and reducing the need for additional lighting in many areas. And frameless glass partitions make a great first impression to visiting clients.

Choosing the right partition walls for your office

As businesses grow their needs change and moving offices is not often an option, so opting for partition walls can be the most cost-effective solution. Office partitions can be quickly and easily installed and removed as required, at a minimal cost. Therefore, individual rooms and spaces can be constructed to support the changes of the office environment and its employees.

Below are some things to consider when choosing the right office partitions for your company. 

a) Aesthetics

The visual appeal of any structural changes to an office is usually one of the first things that is considered when choosing office partitions. Aesthetics are usually a large part of how the company’s brand is conveyed. A professional and modern office gives a great first and lasting impression to visiting clients.

Are you seeking traditional or a more open plan, modern office? For a conventional and traditional office space, wood is probably the most suitable choice. Aluminium or glass, offers a more contemporary and spacious appeal.

b) Flexible

Wood or plywood is more robust than aluminium or glass partitions as the density of these dividers makes them more suitable for permanent solutions.

Glass or aluminium partitions provide better flexibility as they can be easily taken apart to accommodate changes in the office requirements. Glass office partitioning walls also keep unnecessary noises and distractions to a minimum, allowing for a quieter working environment. Your work colleagues will notice just how much easier it is to concentrate with glass partitions in place.

c) Economical

Partition walls are a very cost-effective choice for refurbishing an office space as they are easy to construct and manoeuvre into position and provide significant cost savings compared to constructing solid brick partition walls

With glass, plywood or aluminium partitions, new spaces can be created without breaking down existing walls or shutting down the office for lengthy periods. Instead, they can be erected in just a few hours, saving time and minimising the financial impact on your business.

d) Privacy

There are 4 key types of privacy:

  • Acoustic privacy
  • The ability to work undisturbed by noise, or to be able to create noise without impacting others, is important in today’s office environments. Supporting concentration with acoustic privacy can be done by installing office partitioning which will absorb the sound effectively.

  • Visual privacy
  • Good office design can help employees free themselves from sight-induced distractions by offering visual privacy in the form of office partitioning.

  • Territorial privacy
  • There is a benefit in creating individually owned spaces, and using glass partitioning can achieve an open plan setting without closing the overall look and feel of the office.

  • Informational privacy
  • We can relate to awkwardly taking a call in the echoing stairwell or corridor, just to be out of earshot of others. Providing spaces for confidential interactions in the form of office partitions tells your employees you respect them.

    Let us help with your office partitions

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    Glass office partitions


    For many office and retail buildings, the use of glass partitions creates a more inviting and open space for people to work in. From concept to completion, our team at Emerald Interiors can help you design and create the ideal office environment in Essex, Hertfordshire or London.

    Glass partition walls for offices

    Glass partition walls have many benefits. They can be created to separate a workspace area and the use of glass partitions will make the office space appear larger, and help boost employee productivity. Glass partition dividers allow more light into the office, making it brighter, and in turn improves mood and morale. They also create a modern and attractive space that gives a positive first impression for visitors and clients to the building. And glass partition walls are significantly more effective at reducing sound transmission between rooms.

    Economical and durable

    Glass office partitions are not only durable but also economical providing a real alternative to interior design and architectural trends. Glass never goes out of fashion, so you won’t have to worry about your office being outdated within a few years of refurbishment.

    Glass partition options for your office space:

    • Single glass partitions
    • Double glass partitions
    • Acoustic and fire-rated glass partitions

    Single glass partitions

    Single glass partitions offer many benefits in the workplace. They provide privacy for employees and help to keep office noise to a minimum. They also divide the workspace between employees so that each staff member can have their own personal space. Furthermore, they are easy to install without the need for the office to be closed. The beauty of glass partitioning is that it doesn’t need to be permanent so you don’t have to make changes to the structure of the building.

    Single glazed partitioning is an excellent choice, no matter the type of industry and regardless of office size or space and is one of the simplest ways of creating a dividing wall.

    office-refurbishmentCreate a division without creating a divide

    The idea behind single glazed frameless partitioning is that it creates a division without creating a divide. It enables you to section off particular parts of your office space, without having an impact on the flow of the office environment.

    When you choose single glazed partitioning, you don’t have to worry about how it’s going to look as there are no posts between the glass panels but a minimal framework designed to hold the glass panels in place. However, the almost flush to the wall glass partition still gives the feeling of an open and airy space whilst still creating privacy.

    As experts in glass partitions, you can be sure to always get the very best results, no matter what it is that you are looking to achieve within your office environment.

    Double glass partitions

    The main benefit of choosing double glazing over single glazing office partitions is the noise reduction both inside and outside the office. Double glass partitions are also incredibly safe, they are designed to offer high levels of fire protection which is an important consideration when creating a safe and secure office. An example of glass partitions - Canary Wharfthis type of glass partitioning was completed by Emerald for a client in central London. The glass partitions were chosen by the client as it’s a sustainable material which provides a protective barrier while also promoting transparency and collaboration.

    If you want to ensure that your office has the very best glass office partitions then contact Emerald Interiors now. We are dedicated to ensuring that every office space, no matter how big or small, has the right glass partitioning for your needs. We work closely with all our clients to discuss their requirements and show them what is possible.

    Acoustic and fire rated glazed systems

    When it comes to glass office partitioning acoustic and fire rated glazed partitions is major performance consideration. We can provide acoustic and fire rated partitioning for both commercial and retail clients.

    These partitions are aluminium framed and can be single or double glazed with toughened glass. They are designed and developed to enhance the safety and productivity of any organisation.

    Our acoustic glass partitioning is easy to install.

    Key features

    • Stylish and attractive design
    • Single or double glazed versions are available
    • Full range of installation options
    • A wide range of colours and logos can be applied
    • Glass from 6mm to 16mm thick
    • Easy to dismantle and relocate
    • Acoustic performance up to 50dB

    If you would like to know more about our glass partitioning please get in touch. We can guide you through the design and installation process and make sure that you have the best glass partitions required to work perfectly in your office or retail space.

    For more information and advice on single, double glazed, acoustic or fire rated glass office partitions in Essex, Hertfordshire and London, please contact Emerald Interiors now on 01277 560440 or email for your free consultation.

    A guide to Office Refurbishment


    Due to many factors affecting the global business economy, the interest in office refurbishment has grown and is continuing to grow significantly. With the Pandemic increasing the need for hybrid working, many companies are re-evaluating the layout of their offices to create more collaborative working spaces.

    A recent report by Microsoft showed that about 70% of staff wanted and needed flexible working arrangements to continue post lockdown and some companies are responding to this trend. We believe that for the rest of 2022, and beyond, companies will need to focus on both attracting and retaining staff, by being more collaborative and interactive in developing hybrid office designs, and reviewing amongst other things, the costs involved in development.

    So what are the most important things to ensure your office refurbishment or fit out is as successful as possible?

    Define your reasons for an office refurbishment

    office partitionsConsider the issues you may have with your current office space and what would a newly refurbished office do for your company. Is your office dated and doesn’t truly reflect your brand or corporate identity?

    Your workplace should be a reflection of your brand and has a major role to play when it comes to attracting and retaining the very best staff in a competitive marketplace. Providing staff with a workplace that is flexible, light, modern and where they enjoy working is hugely important.

    Other factors such as workplace wellbeing and embracing a new, more efficient way of working may also contribute to the decision to consider refurbishing your office. Wellbeing can be achieved by incorporating more natural light in the office space and providing staff with a choice of work areas making it easier for them to concentrate, collaborate, catch up or simply relax.

    And what about growth? You may simply need to make better use of your space to accommodate more staff. Effective space planning through an office refurbishment and clearly defining what you want from your new workplace can help to improve capacity.

    In addition, you may feel that your existing office spaces are not used effectively enough and that a refurbishment would create a better, more efficient place to work. For example, your company may have numerous meeting rooms or other spaces that aren’t used on a day to day basis and where individuals or small groups use these rooms for calls or informal meetings they could easily take place in breakout areas or smaller, private spaces.

    Focus on that list of reasons throughout the project to achieve success

    office-refurbishment-londonIt is important that your reasons for an office refurbishment are defined early on in the process as all companies have unique office requirements. And focusing on that list of reasons throughout the project is a priority to its overall success.

    So to summarize the reasons why you may be considering a refurbishment of your existing office space:

    • Post-pandemic, with staff returning to the office there is a requirement for refurbishment to meet health and safety guidelines
    • The offices look tired and dated
    • Staff surveys show a strong need for collaborative, hybrid workspaces
    • The company is growing and needs to use the current office space more effectively
    • Due to the company’s growth, the current office space needs to be redesigned
    • The lease is expiring and the landlord has offered to update the office space
    • We need to create a more inspiring and motivational place to work
    • Our office doesn’t reflect who we are as a company

    At Emerald Interiors our knowledge, professionalism and project management expertise mean that we can guide you through your office or shop refurbishment or fit out project quickly, cost-effectively and smoothly.

    If you are looking to create a new inspiring interior office space we would be delighted to help. For quality interior design, office fit out and refurbishments in Essex, Hertfordshire or London call us now for your free consultation on 01277 560440 or email