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Why choose Emerald Interiors for your dilapidations service?


If you are leaving your current premises in Essex, Hertfordshire or London, then you will be required to carry out dilapidations work according to the schedule of works given to you by your landlord.

Fast, expert, stress-free, successful dilapidations

Emerald Interiors will make the dilapidation process as smooth and swift as possible.

We have transformed all kinds of commercial properties, from offices to restaurants, and have many years’ experience carrying out workplace refurbishments in many different industries, sectors and building types.

Dilapidations is a term to mean the works carried out at the end of a tenancy or lease, to repair a property or to reinstate alterations made by the tenant. It is a way of bringing a property back to its original state as agreed by the landlord and tenant and the dilapidation process may be initiated by either party. 

Dilapidations serviceRestoring commercial spaces fast and cost-effectively

Emerald Interiors delivers a fast, cost-effective and high-quality dilapidations and repairs service, that is tailored to fit your specific requirements, budget and timescale. We can also offer a complete package and manage the whole project for you, so you can continue to focus on your business. By having one specialist company like Emerald Interiors handling every aspect of the dilapidation and repair works, will enable you to keep a tighter control of costs too. It’s also a faster alternative to bringing in different trades and managing them separately.

Dilapidations service for landlords

If you are a landlord or agent of a commercial property, Emerald Interiors’ dilapidation and repair service offers you the opportunity to turn the property round within a tight deadline ready for your next tenant. It also provides you with the opportunity to upgrade the property to attract a premium tenant.

  • Fast turnaround to get your property back on the market quickly.
  • Improve and modernise your property with minimal expense.
  • Reduce your overall costs by using a fully managed turnkey solution.

Dilapidations and repairs serviceDilapidations service for outgoing tenants

If you have made a number of alterations to the property to suit your business purposes or left the property lapse into a poor state of repair, our dilapidation and repair service could save you money compared to being charged by the landlord retrospectively to dilapidate it after you have moved out.

  • Ensure you meet your contract to return the space to its original condition.
  • Minimise the costs associated with repair and restoration work.
  • Get all the work completed on time to avoid expensive landlord fees
  • Make the process of moving out of the building smooth and stress free.

Get in touch with us today to discuss your dilapidation project

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